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‘Inspiring Light’ is presenting Jean-Yves Piffard

October 20, 2013


‘Inspiring Light’ is an Event to exchange Inspiration. Where people Learn, are inspired and where ideas will take shape

Event Timeline:

First Light Institute of Photography cordially invites you to attend Inspiration Exchange event ‘Inspiring Light’ on Tuesday, Oct 22nd, 2013 at 12 P.M on the First Light campus.

Inspiring Light offers:

–          To arouse creative collaboration among participants and speakers

–          To ignite the light

–          Participants can bridge cultural differences and earn advocacy in the relevant fields of the speakers.

–          To Inspire Dreams

–          Participants are able to take next step of their aim.

–          For a meaningful conversation and dialogue

And many more.

How to Join:

Anyone who is interested to be present in the event to exchange inspiration, to be a part of a meaningful conversation is welcome. You can join as a participant or just as audience. There are neither particular background choices nor any preferences. But we encourage artists and aspiring photographers to join this event as our guest speaker is self-taught collagist, painter, sculptor and nature photographer.

If you are interested to join please send text message to our school (phone number)/drop an email at Or just join us at the event on the spot.

jean-yves 8

Guest Speaker:

‘Inspiring Light’ is presenting Jean-Yves Piffard. He is a self-taught collagist, painter, sculptor and nature photographer.  Born in Paris in France in 1957.  Lives and works in the Swiss city of Fribourg.  He has given Numerous solo and group exhibitions held in Switzerland, France, Italy, Canada.


 “A beach, a tree, the leaves of a hazelnut bush at the beginning of spring, the ice of a frozen pond, shells worn smooth by the sea. The palette nature offers are within the reach of the imaginable. Nature is a vast studio.

For a number of years a considerable part of my artistic work has been in and with nature. It is a transient, often fragile, but a balanced art.  Nature reclaims its rights: the ice melts, the leaves fall, the wind causes delicate structures to collapse, and the tides wash all traces from the sand.  Land art or art in nature: it is the short-cut passage from life to death, from death to life. It is the realization that nothing belongs to us – it demands detachment and abandonment.

jean-yves 3

I keep a record of all my creations in photographs. The image provokes the contradiction:  the intention is to preserve the work created in nature, but it is only an image, a visual construction very different from reality. I enjoy photographing – to feel a balance and a harmony between colours, light and forms.

jean-yves 7

My intervention in nature is one of respect. I do not want to impose myself but to be like a visitor. The photographic record aims to provoke in the soul of the visitor a question about the world around us, to change our perspective… ” – Jean-Yves Piffard

jean-yves 4

I am always supremely impressed when I witness someone light someone’s path. As well I’m a big believer that miracles will happen in our life, career, and dreams if we exchange inspirations. A meaningful conversation can change our world and our life! Ideas, information and knowledge can help us grow, prosper, create and contribute simultaneously. I am grateful to Jean-Yves Piffard for his valuable time to agree to share his resource with us in this event.  My friends, students and companions we are expecting your graceful appearance in the event of ‘Inspiring Light’. Liberate your creative capacity and join us.

 – GMB Akash, Founder of First Light Institute of Photography



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