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Exhibition Précis: ART WITHIN NATURE BY Jean-Yves Piffard

October 23, 2013

‘This exhibition is a life time memory for me. I can never forget the love and affection Bangladeshi people have given me during this show. Thousands of people and their eyes speak to me. And photography become a means to communicate with them’

Jean-Yves Piffard

exhibition (1)

exhibition (9)

Our day begins with the rising sun. The exhibition premise warmly welcomes viewers. When a crowd of sweepers tagged together and continue to chat about the exhibited images then beside street children homeless people also join them. Before we arrive in the platform of Narayanganj railway station the exhibited images has been already observed by hundreds of people.

exhibition (6)

exhibition (15)


In the backstage, continual effort of First Light students has given the shape of the exhibition in reality. A group of 30 students and their continual effort for day and night  make this station into gallery. During preparation, the day before yesternight station population had already knew the news.

preparation (6)

preparation (3)

preparation (5)

So in the time of opening we followed by thousands of smiling faces and their friendly curiosity. Jean-Yves Piffard happily answered viewers. The gathering of every class, every group and every sector astonished Jean-Yves Piffard.

exhibition (16)

exhibition (4)



When few of the vegetable potters from neighboring market arrive to see the exhibition then a group of madrasa students explain their revelation to us. The exhibition ultimately becomes a fair of mass people where people come from all classes, all ages in equity. Participation of people gives us a sign that Bangladeshi people passionate about art and artist.

exhibition (5)


exhibition (7)

We easily can take a step to bridge a population who wants to advance themselves in creative world. Without penning few comments from audience this description might be empty. So I am adding up stories that created life to this event.

exhibition (2)exhibition (11)


‘This wheelchair allows me to move little. Being disabled I am earning bread by begging. I have no peace inside me. After seeing these beautiful photographs for some moments I am feeling well. Because when I see something well I feel well’- 30-yeard-old Sumon explained when he was watching the exhibition in rail station in the place where he beg.

A madrasa student Waskoruni (18) never gets a chance to be in any exhibition. He said, ‘I love to see pictures; this will be a wonderful memory for me’

Antra mukharjee is a student who is having a secret wish to be a photographer said, ‘I love to see photo exhibition. This exhibition creates a wish inside my mind to be a photographer’

exhibition (21)DSC_8629

Omar farhad, 18: he told I have a dream to being a photographer and to have an exhibition like this for people.

Even in rush a busy business man Rofiqul azam also stopped for a while; he said ‘What a beautiful initiative to bring the exhibition in train station! We all kind of ordinary people can see them. I learn so much from this, these images are beautiful and the nature is our mother. We should take care of our nature too’

About the Exhibition:

First Light Institute of photography organize

Photo Exhibition ART WITHIN NATURE BY Jean-Yves Piffard

At Rail station in Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Exhibition will be open for all from 22nd Oct to 24 Oct, 2013

exhibition (19)DSC_0533


We are warmly welcoming you in the station platform to visit the exhibition and to join the crowd. This is how the power of pictures can break boundaries and reaches to the hearts of human. Be with us if photography touches your soul too.

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