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‘Inspiring Light’ is enlightening Ideas

October 23, 2013

‘Inspiring Light’ is an event to exchange inspiration. Where people Learn, are inspired and where ideas will take shape.

First Light Institute of Photography organized ‘Inspiring light’ with an ‘Inspiring Artist’ yesterday on the campus. It was an engaging occasion for audiences and speakers. The event became spectacular by the presence of our guest speaker Jean-Yves Piffard. Thank you to all students of First Light, artists and guests whose presence made this even more meaningful. We shared our ideas, thoughts and more importantly we believe it will help us to grow our dreams.

First light-jean (1)

First light-jean (6)

GMB Akash, ‘I am always enormously impressed when I witness someone light someone’s path. As well I’m a big believer that miracles will happen in our life, career, and dreams if we exchange inspiration. A meaningful conversation can change our world and our life! Ideas, information and knowledge can help us grow, prosper, create and contribute simultaneously. I am happy to share ‘Inspiring light’ presenting Jean-Yves Piffard. It was my dream to bring inspiring individuals to our campus and give the chance to my students, participants as well as myself to learn, stir up and grow with verity. The event will help in bridging countries, artists and thinkers. The first chapter was happening and it gives me the faith that our next speakers will also bring more to the table and we will mutually follow each other’s footsteps.’

Jean-Yves Piffard is a self-taught collagist, painter, sculptor and nature photographer.  He was the first guest speaker of ‘Inspiring Light’. Followed by describing his biography he shared the method of his working. He was seven years old when he made his first picture. Now he is 56 years old. In a two hour conversation he shared his life-changing experiences and showed his phenomenal works to the audiences. In between audiences asked and expressed their opinions. Jean-Yves Piffard was able to respond to all answered queries requested by students. In that the way the event become a route to mutual sharing and learning.

First light-jean (2)

First light-jean (3)First light-jean (4)

A few quotations by Jean-Yves Piffard:

‘Photography is part of my artistic world and I welcome you to view my world’

‘Today it gives sense to my work being here’

‘The vision we have for Bangladesh that we may never dare to come here. But being face to face it is such a different world. What now I knew is totally different and wrong. I feel the warmth of people and love it’

‘I witness GMB Akash’ works it arouses me to step my work to his work. It’s a bridge’

First light-jean (5)

First light-jean (7)

Remarks from the audience:

‘Inspiring Light’ was very effective. This inspiration exchange event helped me to think differently. This kind of photography is new to me. It will help to improve my work and creativity’ – Mushfiqul Alam

‘First Light Institute of Photography is a kind of a different institute for me as because it’s out of the box activities. Bringing in Jean-Yves Piffard by founder of First Light Institute of Photography G.M.B AKAS. Its has been a great pleasure which reflects the motto of the institute’s,  ‘Inspiring Light’ event to exchange inspiration. We and personally I am inspired by Jean-Yves’s photo art. In these days when people are working with the social, political and demographic issues and reflecting on the photographs, this kind of photography is the turn table for us emerge our thought in a different way. Hope for so many other activities will be upcoming in the institute’- Nadia

First light-jean (10)

First light-jean (11)

‘To me the first session of ‘Inspiring Light’ has been a very breath taking experience. After being exposed to Jean-Yves Piffard’s work of a totally different sort of photography and the tremendous effort he makes to create a single image, I feel recharged’ –  Saddat

First light-jean (9)

First light-jean (12)


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