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‘Angels of First Light’

November 1, 2013

During the inception of our school, we made a wish!

We made a wish to ignite dark-velvet realities of many lives. We aim to educate unprivileged children. Children who are living in the streets, children who are working as child labourers, children who are dropping out from schools and children who have no access of 21st century education. In short to ignite the minds of the unprivileged in all terms.

First light school (1)

First light school (4)

Under the canopy of First Light, little angels join us and keep our world shining. We started giving informal education with basic subjects. Our groups of children belong to factories, streets, slums and villages. From many stories, we are sharing our one day with a group of angels in the village of ‘Varat’.

First light school (9)

First light school (5)

As soon as we arrive in the locality, our news has been reached faster than wind. We started very early in the morning because it takes more than two hours to reach the village.  Children were waiting keenly for our arrival. More than 60 children were pushing each other to get space. When we managed their seating space, everyone seemed joyful. They all knew we brought their writing copy, pen and pencil for them. Their laughter, willing participation, promising questions charismatically helped us to do one subject after another.

First light school (14)

First light school (3)

Simuly noted on the blackboard, ‘I am a girl’. Oyshi along with everyone else chorused the ‘Times Table’.

‘Good Morning’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Welcome’ become daily words to use every day. Besides Bengali, English and math, they willingly learned etiquette, hygiene lessons and general knowledge. The sparkle in their eyes, questions on their faces repeatedly gave enthusiasm to me, my friend-student Tutul, Proshanto, Arif and our group.

First light school (15)

First light school (16)

First light school (2)

We deliberately tried to share our time and resources with these ‘Angels’. I showed them images from Nepal and described the country, children of Nepal and their daily life. Abdul said, ‘I want to take photos too’, Sinthia asked, ‘Bhaiya, can’t girls take pictures too?’. We answered everyone and their smiles take no break.

First light school (11)

First light school (13)

We tell them learning tales and lessons which were, ‘Telling the truth’ and the ‘Power of Unity’.  The session dismissed after we provided them Tiffin, but none of them were willing to leave. How the time passed. Neither those children noticed nor did we. During giving them homework they repeatedly asked us the date of our next visit. Smiling faces of many touched our souls.

First light school (6)

First light school (17)

A journey of light is inviting Angels. Their footsteps can make our world a heaven. How can we deny seeing stars falling from sky? Let’s uphold them with love and affection, with dignity and courage. Let’s make our world a piece of heaven for these angels who are vulnerable and deserve the best of this world.

First light school (7)

  1. Photographers just take photos in the name of change, betterment of society etc. You are actually trying for change not only with your images but also with your tangible thought and initiative. Go ahead. I am with you.

  2. I wish i could join u!! Best of luck!

  3. excellent! please let us know if we could join with you… (email:

  4. ayush mishra permalink

    How can i join your community. I am also photographer and i want to join your community

  5. fariha ismail permalink

    hi..iam not a photographer but i really want to help in any way possible. maybe through volunteering or any way…plz let me know….

  6. Helping people through education is really a great job. It may be in various way…..undoubtedly helping people is a great job…..

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