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‘In the Road of Dreams’ – Introducing Andrew McConnell

November 30, 2013

‘I felt there is no powerful form of photography than photojournalism’

– Andrew McConnell

‘Photojournalist Andrew McConnell picked photography when he was in school. He always loved drawing and illustration but after starting photography he did not draw any more. The passion lead him on his way. Till this day he still experiments a lot. I have been following his work since the day I met him. His works contain his signature style, unique approach and questioning mind. I truly feel his work is a source of inspiration and deserves admiration not only for his unparalleled work but also for his perseverance and compassion’

–GMB Akash

 Andrew Mcconnell01

Irish photographer Andrew McConnell began his career as a press photographer covering the closing stages of ‘The Troubles’ in his homeland and the subsequent transition to peace. McConnell moved to work in Asia and then Africa, since 2007, to document the stories and issues from that continent. In the 2011 World Press Photo Contest McConnell won both the Portraits Stories and Arts and Entertainment singles categories for his images from Africa. His work has appeared in publications including National Geographic, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine and Vanity Fair (Italy)

GMB Akash: Please share the greatest challenge/s you faced in your early career as a photographer. Is there any struggle that you overcame and has helped to transform you eternally?

Andrew McConnell :

The greatest problem I faced as a young photographer is the eternal problem for any photographer – how to earn money from what we do. It is an issue that has become even more difficult because more and more young people are choosing photography as a career and digital has made photography ubiquitous. I would love to say there is an easy formula to address the problem but the fact is that there is not. The number one solution is hard work. Simple as that. If you want to make it as a photographer you have to put everything into want what you do. You must dedicate yourself completely to photography and be very very passionate about following it no matter what obstacles you face. Through doing this I believe it is still possible to have a career in photography and to be successful.

Andrew Mcconnell02


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    *Andrew McConnell er comment ta khub bhalo laglo. so very true*

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