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‘In the Road of Dreams’ – Introducing Gaetano Plasmati

December 19, 2013

The secret is that we always should believe in our dreams. It might sound like a phrase from a book. But reaching a goal every day is the easiest thing. Constantly, without pause, having patience and being humble. Look back after a while and you will see how far it has moved’

Gaetano Plasmati


Having the identity of a professional photographer Gaetano Plasmati is the curator of the Porta Pepice Gallery in Matera, Italy, and publisher and editor of Intransit Magazine. He lives and works in Matera, where he was born in 1965. Having left electronic and music studies, he tried in follow his heart full of passion for voyages and for reportages photos. He has done photography reportages in almost every corner of the world. He is a photographer who believes that all people of the world are his community and he focuses on diverse topics with the same passion effortlessly. During working hours I found him in the middle of the street children where he happily gave his camera to those children of slums and allowed them to take picture. After traveling within 43 counties and passing these last 22 years in his photography career he is still the same passionate adventurer who strives to go farther.


GMB Akash: Please share the greatest challenge/s you faced in your early career as a photographer. Is there any struggle that you overcame and has helped to transform you eternally?

Gaetano Plasmati: Being a photographer is one of the best and most interesting professions, but also one of the most difficult. Being a photographer means to go outside, to see people and places, to travel, sometimes far away from home, learn languages​​, invent  fascinating stories and study all the time and improve oneself. But nobody teaches how to survive in daily and professional life. I broke all obstacles by following my own nature and being strict to it.

Everyone talks about workshops, awards, exhibitions, but no one tells you how difficult it is to remain a competitive photographer. Invent stories, involving the readers, have your website up to date, follow the new media, try to test your limits, don’t ask, be curious and creative. Always believe in yourself and in your ideas. There are always many features for a good photographer. In the end, perhaps, having a little luck. We must also admit that it’s hard to travel and have so many projects. Magazines and agencies are suffering with online news. People buy paper less, all information is available on the web sites on the Internet. We need to change quickly, be more versatile and flexible in the work. Keeping your own style and satisfy the customers is a difficult challenge, but not impossible. Today the advent of digital equipment creates a lot of competition for everyone even for non-professionals and it is also very confusing. Everyone knows everything. But this also applies to any field of our life. Creating your own style, ideas and making your customers feel themselves satisfied all the time is a real secret. It takes many years to make a career, after it becomes much easier. Also some compromises must be found as well. A master rule is – to keep the passion for work inside and trust in yourself.

I like the words of Herman Hesse: “One can be happy when he finds his dream, but every dream has to be followed by a new one and you can’t capture any of them forever”.


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