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‘In the Road of Dreams’ – Introducing Francesco Arese-Visconti

January 27, 2014

‘Three key words by which I keep convincing my clients are CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY and RELIABILITY. I believe these three factors are crucial to get work in the competitive field of photography’ – Francesco Arese-Visconti


‘Francesco Arese-Visconti is not just a photographer, he has a deep sense of compassion for humanity. His principles make him able to create a career for himself that fulfills his vision and purpose. I am very much inspired not only by his work but also by his devotion to the work he is doing’ – GMB Akash

Francesco Arese Visconti is the Deputy Head of the Media Communications Department, Photography Program Coordinator and Research Faculty at Webster University, Geneva.

Since 1999 he has been working for museums (Uffizi Gallery and Museo degli Argenti in Florence) and public institutions (Provincia di Firenze and Regione Toscana). He is the author of photographs issued in more than 30 publication Francesco Arese-Visconti received his “laurea” in Humanities in 1998 at the Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze (Italia).  In 2004 he completed research on the relationship between human building construction and the environmental impact on the Greek islands. The project “Archaeology and Environment” won the second prize at the “Toscana Photo Festival” in Massa Marittima (Grosseto, Italy). In 2005 he published a book on the Italian architect Giovanni Michelucci (“Michelucci: l’architettura fotografata”). He worked until 2010 for the German Art Institute in Florence (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max Planck Institut) on a research project on the space relationship between town squares and monuments in Tuscany. For this research he shot more then 700 photographs with a 5×7 camera. A book and a database were published with all the photographs (F. Nova, C. Joechner, “Piazza e Monumento” ). Since 2011 his work has been represented by La Caravana – Arte Itinerant. Between January 2011 and January 2012 he went to the south of Morocco. Francesco travelled by car from Marrakesh to Guelmim and tried on his b&w film to record all the sensual inputs he received from the external environment.

Adu Adjei

GMB AKASH: Please share the greatest challenge/s you faced in your early career as a photographer.

Francesco Arese-Visconti:

My greatest challenge was to manage to open a studio and to find my first clients. I was mainly working with museums in Florence in Italy and I had to convince directors of museums to hire me instead of the usual photographers. I convinced them with creativity, flexibility and reliability. These are the key words for me:


Daphrose Ntarataze

GMB AKASH: Is there any struggle that you overcame and has helped to transform you eternally?

Francesco Arese-Visconti:

When I moved to Switzerland from Italy, I had a 4month old child and my mother in Florence was dying because of cancer. I had to move to Switzerland because working conditions in Italy where getting worse and worse. I had to do it even having a very young baby and my mother dying…

I struggled managing to overcome the death of my mother a year after I moved and to deal with our moving abroad to Switzerland. Meditation (VIPASSANA) helped me (and still does) a lot!

I am (at least I try to be) a different, better person every day in my life.

Mohamed Shawesh



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