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Review of ‘Making Photo Essays of the Street’

March 24, 2014

On the 7th-8th March and the 14th-15th March, First Light Institute of Photography organized ‘Making Photo Essays of the Street’ with David Bathgate and GMB Akash at its school campus in Bangladesh.

First Light has received overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from workshop participants. Students clearly said they received personal guidance on developing their strengths in their street photography. During two days of the outdoor shooting students were enormously busy preparing their assignments. Instructor David Bathgate and GMB Akash accompanied them on the outdoor shooting. They eagerly privided that one-on-one counseling on what to look for when shooting on the streets. That helped the students build visual literacy and compositional techniques.


Inside the classroom mentors repeatedly focused on the portfolio and gave detailed feedback one by one. This was also a unique opportunity to meet and network with other passionate street photographers of Bangladesh. On the first day of the workshop mentors and students broke the ice by introducing themselves, David Bathgate and GMB Akash did their opening slideshows about who they are, and what they wanted to teach over the next few days. Then there was a critique session when all students showed their portfolios to their teachers.



After this everyone brainstormed together for ideas on what projects students would like to do. Mentors received interesting proposals that everyone came up with. During the next few days students were outside in the field accompanied by their mentors David Bathgate and GMB Akash. Students made praiseworthy remarks about how the outdoor shooting and the entire workshop would advance them in their career.

First Light is happy to share some engaging comments as well as example of all students works from the

‘Making Photo Essays of the Street’

First of all I would like to thank ‘First Light Institute of Photography’ for this wonderful workshop. This workshop changed my thoughts about ‘Street photography’. I am really thankful to David and Akash sir for their inspiring methods of teaching. Their insightful techniques are invaluable to any photographer. I will definitely ‘put in the work’ as you both encouraged me to improve my images. – ‘Muhammed Shaiful Islam’
‘It was my great pleasure to do the workshop with David Bathgate & GMB Akash. Working with them inspired me to see things differently, and to not only take pictures but also to know the inner story of what I have taken, which will really help me a lot to become a better photographer, and of course work with different photo-stories’ – Sakib Saroar


Abu Hanif

Joy K Roy Chowdhury (1)

Garbage Children.

Omar Faruk Munna (1)

‘David Bathgate and GMB Akash are master photographers and excellent instructors. They created wonderful opportunities to photograph in unique locations. The workshop helped us refine our skills, techniques and understanding of how to create masterpiece images. This class was the best investment I’ve made in my career as a photographer’ – Proshanto Hridoy
A good teacher shows the student what is possible – and how to get there. The workshop helped me see “photo opportunities” differently from a much more creative perspective. I highly recommend this kind of workshop for those wanting to go to the next level in their photography’ – Jubair Ahmed

Prashanta Hridoy

Nigar Sultana  (1)

DMR Tutul (2)

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” that I learned from David Bathgate & “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it will always get you the right ones, so keep clicking with honesty ” that I learned from Gmb Akash .Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this workshop. Best wishes to First Light Institute of Photography. – Joy K Roy Chowdhury

Mahfuj Hossain Jishad


Riyead Mahmud (4)


‘After 4 days of intensive immersion in street photography, one leaves with a portfolio of photos worth sharing, worth printing and worth remembering. GMB Akash and David Bathgate not only are world class photographers, they are excellent instructors with great and welcoming personalities’ – Tutul


“Had a great time with two seasoned and internationally acclaimed crucial storyteller Mr. David Bathgate and GMB Akash. For me it’s not a 4 day workshop; literally, it’s a two week long intricate workshop which had a never ending impact and relationship (at least on me) with subject matters , the mentors and the fellow participant who all are great photographers of future!.. In a nutshell I could only say the workshop enhance my photo/image making habit a lot and drift with few real professional aspects of photography. Thanks is not enough for both the mentor and I will always like to be thrilled with both of their guidance, comments, critics besides their inspiring works. Wish them all great in their life and I am blessed to be part of their fraternity.” – Makinur Rahman


Mushfiqul Alam Tanvin



Learn lots of things by this workshop….and now I can say that this workshop gave me the inspiration to live with this dream forever….i will back again Inshallah…. thanks a lot Gmb Akash bhai and David Bathgate sir…’ – Nigar sultana


This workshop adds some of the new techniques to my photography career. After joining this workshop I learned how to make a good meaningful photo frame. I learned to work on meaningful themes, to get the strongest photo. Specially hands on photography training. I learned how to make photo essays of this particular field. How to write photo captions, how to use 5W write easy way photo captions. This workshop was really helpful for my photography career. If First Light Institute of Photography School arranges anymore workshops, definitely I will join. – Riyead Mahmud Islam

DMR Tutul (3)Fakrul isalm_

Sakib sawroar (1)

Rashedul alam_Shaiful Islam_

‘It was great to be part of this! What I found especially valuable was the opportunity to see the process with all of the images submitted by the group members; some work was very different than mine. David Bathgate and GMB Akash took great care in evaluating each photograph and highlighting strengths and areas for improvement and why! I was really glad to learn what you said about the others’ pictures, very interesting to hear. I should do a critique every time I do a shooting. Thank you ! – MD.AL-AMIN


‘I would like to thank ‘First Light Institute of Photography’ for this wonderful workshop. In this workshop I learned the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to improve my photography. David and Akash sir, they are really inspiring people, they taught me how to easily to take a photo in the street in easy and inspiring methods’ – Omar Faruk Munna

Yusuf Shahriar Muntaqim (2)

M A Hossain Tonu  (1)

M A Hossain Tonu  (2)

Makinur RahmanAl Amin‘Sometimes you don’t have measurement of things, you have to stay calm and feel what is in front of you. The workshop has been something for me in terms of learning photography. Together the instructors, I say photo mentors, GMB Akash ( and David Bathgate (, came forward to open the door for us. Lessons have been learned, Street Photography can be a game changing thing and there is so much into it. Why on earth we should work on Street, perspectives, lives, emotions, philosophies behind and mysteries revealed to me with First Light.Noteworthy at very first, I arrived at First Light Class a bit late and knocked on the door, David Bathgate opened the door and said hello with a smiley face. Still didn’t know a renowned photojournalist of the world just opened the door for me and the next person attended me was none other than the GMB Akash, all I can say is just go and see their works, proper word should be incredible. My fellow classmates were so helpful and easy going so enjoyed their companion as well during my time over there, we are connected!Bottom line, after this, I can feel I am technically better now’ – MA Hossain Tonu


‘This workshop reminded me again that less is more, and to keep it simple’ – Tanvir Ahmed


Tanvir Ahmed

2014_03_22_Reshad Kamal_2592

Abdul Quayum Seeam (2)

‘I would like to thank First light for organizing the workshop. This workshop has added a new dimension to my photography level. Now I can work better/ faster with my gear. David and Akash vai has shared their valuable experience with us and also showed the critical tricks and techniques which I think will be beneficial to all of us who were involved in the workshop. It was a pleasure to work with everyone’ –  Mahfuj Hossain Jishad

Naima Perveen (2)

Yusuf Shahriar Muntaqim (1)

Joy K Roy Chowdhury (3)




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