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Review of the ‘Visual Storytelling workshop with GMB Akash’

May 2, 2014

On the 6th-7th December and the 13th-14th December 2013, First Light Institute of Photography organized

‘Visual Storytelling workshop’ with GMB Akash at its school campus in Bangladesh.

This workshop intended to focus on how to achieve a new standpoint on one’s works and approach. The workshop with GMB Akash helped students to find out their own visual language as well as practical and conceptual knowledge about how to confront real situation reportage making.

During the workshop the passion and knowledge that all of the participants brought to the discussion and critiques were amazing! The group bonded quickly and it was a pleasurable collection of amateur photographers from different backgrounds. At the end participants completed their story that presents striking images of their signature style. First Light is happy to share some engaging comments as well as examples of all the students works from the

‘Visual Storytelling Workshop with GMB Akash’

Lucky to get guidance about life and career!

Story-telling is one of our most powerful tools as organizers and movement builders. I’m Feeling Lucky; I have the opportunity to be a part of “Visual Storytelling Workshop” which is organized by “First Light Institute of Photography”. As a mentor Gmb Akash is trusted counselor or guide. He is helping me with career, specific work projects or general life advice out of the goodness of his heart. This class inspires me to continue my photography journey.”- Omar Faruk Munna


Enlightening and Exceptional!

‘About this workshop my opinion is, the class was full of positive vibes and inspiration. What was very noticeable that, student’s test, thinking and wishes were the main priority and all the feedback were given according to that; I think this is undoubtedly the best way of learning and helps for lifetime. As a student I am very lucky to have a teacher like GMB Akash, who is always up to refresh student’s mind and motivate (with a charming smile) so much, that the improvement becomes very significant. All my best wishes for First Light Institute of Photography’ –  Turjoy Chowdhury



Perfect workshop!

This is really a great opportunity for me to be a part of “Visual Storytelling Workshop” which is perfectly organized by “First Light Institute of Photography”. Akash sir was very enthusiastic and had good strategies for getting the attention of the entire class. A visual, interactive and hands-on activity inspires me to continue my photography journey. My best wishes for “First Light Institute of Photography” – Muhammed Shaiful Islam

Saiful (1)

Saiful (2)

Outstanding and Precious!

It was my first workshop with “First Light Institute of Photography” and it was really a great opportunity for me to be a part of “Visual Storytelling Workshop”. I am a blind fan of Akash sir so I was waiting to follow his instruction for story, how to take and organize every single shots for a story. I got so many inspiring words from Akash sir and rest of other students. My best wishes for “First Light Institute of Photography” – Shahnaz Parvin



Learned more in four days!

‘Thank you for a perfect workshop and I learned more in four days than ever! If there is magic in my images, it was thanks to Akash bhai’s attention to detail’ – Proshanto Ridoy

Prosanto (8)

Detail workshop!

‘The workshop focus on everything a story requires! For me it was learning the detail’ – Abu Hanif


abu hanif

Best by a long way!

‘It was a great experience in story telling workshop organized by First light Institute of Photography. Lots of things I learned specially learned how to overcome common mistakes during documenting photograph. Got a full idea how to start and finish a story, I enjoyed the whole workshop eagerly. Thank you Akash vhai for such a wonderful workshop. Looking forward for the upcoming event of First light. Thank you’ – Nadia Islam Nitul


Successful workshop with more positive energy!

‘Alhamdulillah! It was indeed a very successful workshop for me. G.M.B Akash is one of my most favorite photographers and after the workshop I got to know him better. I have been a self taught photographer and this was my 1st workshop to have some guidance to look forward and I can happily admit that yes! I have gained something from this workshop which has helped me a lot. I would like to admit that I have never seen anyone more passionate about photography than Akash bhaia, I saw his eyes are sparkling and he is shivering with excitement while he is sharing his experience or talking about photography and just watching that one gets so much positive energy to move forward. Thank you Akash bhaia for the workshop, these are some very personal comments came from heart, it was my pleasure to learn from you & looking forward to meet you soon’ – Fahim Fahim (1)



‘Visual story telling workshop is one of my turning back into photography seriously. I learned what to shoot, why to shoot, when to shoot and what not to shoot here. Thanks Akash bhai for everything you did for us. I wish a very good future for First light photography institute from heart’ – Reshad Kamal

2013_12_07_Reshad Kamal_0718

Motivated and inspired!

Roland Barthes said “A photograph is always invisible; it is not it that we see.” Now I know what it means. Thank you so much Akash bhiya for your inspiring words. You motivate me so much. And my best wishes for “First Light Institute of Photography” – Sadman Sakib


sadman (1)

sadman (2)

Master Instructor!

‘It was a great opportunity for me to meet the personality like Gmb Akash. I have learned many things from this workshop arranged by “First Light Institute of Photography”. Especially the golden time that I have passed during working on my photo story with him, was wonderful experience for me’ – MD Fakrul Islam

Fakrul (2)


Exceptional teaching:

‘It was a grand learning experience, and your teaching is exceptionally well organized, supportive and well presented. I learned more in four days than I have in 5 years’ – DMR Tutul

Tutul (1)

Tutul (2)


‘I entirely enjoyed doing my story. The workshop was challenging, engaging and motivating’ – Fahmid Moin

fahmid moin (1)

fahmid moin (2)

Grand workshop!

‘It was a grand learning experience! I got more out of it than even my greatest expectations.’ – Muntaquin

muntakin (4)

muntakin (3)



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