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Review of ‘Discovering Secrets of streets’- Street Photography Workshop with GMB Akash

December 11, 2014

On the 5th – 7th December 2014, First Light Institute of Photography organized ‘Discovering Secrets of Streets’- Three day hands-on Street Photography Workshop at its school campus in Bangladesh.


Learning to capture street portraits and making street stories were two main concentrations in this workshop offering hands-on experience. During these three days in the workshop participants learn the fundamentals of street photography which help them to find the core concept. Besides discovering the participants’ own inspiring triggers, they are guided towards achieving mastery in street photography. In the golden light of this winter participants uses their golden inspiration to capture street magic.


Day 1:

During the 1st day of the workshop every participant received feedback regarding their portfolio. At the 1st day of workshop instructors build up a solid understanding of composition of street photography and its basics. Class lecture that specially designated to introduce street photography interestingly helps students to prepare for their next two days out door shooting with their instructor. Moreover three days participants do not think about anything else than photography!


Day 2:

The day begins on 6 a.m. First Light got a devoted group of participants who were divided into two groups and started shooting from early morning. Instructor GMB Akash attended each group separately and the group successfully continued shooting until afternoon. During the break they work on their selected images and headed towards their class room. The recap of the review session took place at the First Light Campus and our enthusiastic participants group showed their charm by delivering wonderful images in such short time. Their self esteem and self motivation was wondering as the class ended up at 8 P.M but they were ready to hit the ground of day three same as the day two!


Day 3:

Day three started with better pictures and with some more energy! The day started same as day 2, but when participants were with their instructor they continued to capture their best images. GMB Akash praised them for their transportation. The day was a repeat of day two but ended up by producing better images, by gathering more experiences and by knowing own strengths and weaknesses! After pointing about future projects and evaluating the course, participants were overwhelmed while they were receiving the certificate. Indeed the workshop ended with ‘Load of memories’!


During the workshop the passion and knowledge that all of the participants brought to the discussion and critiques were amazing! The group bonded quickly and it was a pleasurable collection of amateur photographers from different backgrounds. At the end participants completed their story that presents striking images of their signature style.

Students work (6)

Students work (7)

First Light is happy to share some anonymous comments (As in instructor evaluation sheet writing name is prohibited). Also it’s a great pleasure to share the students’ works from ‘Discovering Secrets of streets’- Three day hands-on Street Photography Workshop with GMB Akash’!

Students work (2)

Students work (3)

Students’ work and comments:

– ‘Amazing teaching, had great group work, photo discussion, helpful administration, interesting photo walk with GMB Akash vhaiya! It was excellent!’

– ‘The intimate and delicate way of sharing knowledge of GMB Akash Sir and also the way of critique is an eye opener. Want more regular workshop!’

Students work (8)

Students work (9)

Students work (4)

– ‘Akash bhai, Excellent! Just wow! It’s a awesome journey which has just started. Best wishes I want to give to First Light!’

– ‘Special and individual care by instructor! A great friendly group and lots of hard work! Thanks a lot!’

Students work (1)

Students work (5)

Students work (10)

– ‘The learning process completely helps me to become much better! I am amazed by the way of my improvement in just these three days!’

-‘The best thing about the workshop is a very friendly mentor who makes me comfortable and helps to understand everything closely!

Students work (11)

Students work (12)

Students work (13)

– ‘I learned how to select a perfect photo form hundred images. Emphasized on all small things that I never gave attention before!’

Students work (14)

Students work (16)

Students work (17)

– ‘Learned many tricks while doing hands on photography workshop. I recommend course under GMB Akash sir not only he gives tips or photography but also guide for future’

Students work (18)

Students work (19)

Students work (20)

– ‘Excellent workshop! I did not think I will enjoy learning this much. The whole credit goes to our energetic instructor!

Students work (21)

Students work (22)

Students work (23)

‘It is more than I expected. I never imagine I will try so many things is such time. Had to do very hard work. And our group was very engaging. A great workshop!’

Students work (24)

Students work (25)

Students work (26)

For any query to attend any future workshop send an email to

Students work (27)

Students work (28)

Students work (29)



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  1. Excellent Work (Y)
    Best of Luck 🙂

  2. Milon permalink

    The amount of inspiration I got from this workshop means a lot to me. I have nothing but the best wishes for First Light and Mr. GMB Akash.

  3. Reyad Abedin permalink

    Thank u sir for the review post…. 🙂

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