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Student work (I)

January 27, 2015

‘Want to mesmerize your viewer with your image?

Then take an image that can mesmerize you first!’ – Gmb Akash

I am glad to introduce my student’s work who has done a 4-week online photography course ‘Street Photography’ at The Compelling Image.



My student Russell Latshaw is based in USA. After completing the course he has surprised me with some outstanding images. At present his ability to go closer to people, the way he captured light and colour, composition of his pictures and some detail work is definitely amazing.




I hope my students will be happy to see his work and I want you all to continue to take mages at your best level. And best wishes to my student Russell Latshaw




I teach street photography for The Compelling Image: The Compelling Image: Online-Interactive Courses in Photography and Multimedia Storytelling (The Compelling Image is a partner organization of First Light Institute of Photography)

One Comment
  1. Mala Mukerjee permalink

    Where are these pics taken and how old are these students?

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