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Participant (II) Review of the One on One workshop with GMB Akash

March 11, 2015

Participant (II) Review of the One on One workshop with GMB Akash




6 Day One-on-One Workshop with GMB Akash: The focus of this customized program is to not only teach photography but to give students a chance to fully experience a career that is often misunderstood. While media and films have glamorized the lives of photographers, the reality is that this is one of the world’s most demanding and difficult jobs, both physically and mentally. We have designed GMB Akash’s workshops to give young photographers an opportunity to experience the true nature of international photojournalism, street photography and documentary photography. No other workshop or seminar gives students the ability to work one on one with a professional photojournalist in a real world environment. Each student will have exclusive access to GMB Akash through the duration of the workshop, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of his work experience, teachings, and methodologies. Due to the intimate nature of these workshops and the real world working environment, each student can expect to learn and experience much more than they would during one year in a standard university photography program. Each workshop is six days long and set in locations that are rich in culture with a wealth of photographic and documentary subject matter.

Frank (18)

Frank (8)

Frank (17)

This program covers a vast array of subjects including photographing in adverse conditions, gaining your subjects trust and adapting photographic ethics. Night and low light photography. Working without a flash or tripod. The digital darkroom, editing and workflow in Lightroom. Tips and tricks for “saving” a photograph or putting the finishing touches on a “perfect” photograph. How to work with your camera and use its many functions. Camera and lens field care. Captioning images and the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why.) Working with editors, deadlines, assignments, freelance projects etc. Building and presenting a story online/digital light boxes and personal websites. Copyright information and how to use it in the real world. Preparing for the future and impending changes in the industry.

Frank (16)

Frank (7)

Introducing Frank Rotthaus, participant of One on One workshop with GMB Akash Frank Rotthaus has started to take pictures when he was about 14 years. A little bit later he got his first SLR-Camera. When he was in his twenties he also worked in a darkroom. After finishing his studies and started working he only took pictures during vacations. When digital cameras became achievable he re-started his old love for photography. He has studied Physics and now working as a Team Manager for providing IT support. Frank love to travel and is very passionate about photography. Frank Rotthaus came from Germany and has completed one on one workshop with GMB Akash in Bangladesh.

Frank (21)

Frank (1)

Frank (20)

Frank (12)

One on one Workshop review by Frank Rotthaus:

Video Interview of Frank Rotthaus:

About Dhaka the workshop:


Frank (4)

Frank (10)

Frank (2)

“Dhaka is the place to be for a street photographer. All the time something is happening. You feel everywhere the energy of this city. The people are very friendly and you can go almost everywhere. Most of them loved being photographed and often even ask you for a picture.

But the best is being together with Akash. He knows all the places you dreamed of to go. And not only has that he helped you with his friendly and open way to get in contact with the people. I could ask him every time everything I wanted and I got a comprehensive answer. He for sure knows what to look for and was all the time willing to share his knowledge. After every shooting we sat together and reviewed the pictures of the day. He gave an explanation why he liked a picture or what could be improved. He also showed me how to edit the pictures to get the most out of them. Thanks to him I brought my photographic skills to the next level and this also includes the way of interaction with my subject to get the best image.” – Frank Rotthaus

Frank (3)

Frank (13)

Frank (6)

 How to apply to attend in an on one workshop with GMB Akash: Interested participants are requested to send an email to akashimages@gmail to know more details about the workshop. You will receive brief customized workshop content to discuss further. Frank (9)

Frank (19)

Frank (15)

Frank (22)

Frank (5)


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  1. Md Nasif Sadman permalink

    I am a big fan of street and documentary photography,as a result I am a big fan of GMB Akash too.a one on one workshop with him can be the best way to go to the next level.I am looking forward to attending to this workshop.

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