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Review of ‘Hands-on Basic Photography Workshop’

May 10, 2015

On 3rd April (Friday), 4th April (Saturday) and 10th April (Friday), 11th April (Saturday), First Light Institute of Photography organized ‘Hands on Basic Photography Workshop’ with GMB Akash at its school campus in Bangladesh. Video: To see the Workshop review and to listen to student’s memories, please click and have a look:

The main intention of this intensive workshop was helping participants on practical application. In addition to the workshop instructors, mentor GMB Akash was beside each participant to elaborately instruct them in the field. GMB Akash’s teacher team thoroughly helped out students to learn photography independently. In two locations of outdoor practical shooting, GMB Akash and his team supervised each participant passionately and according to their needs.

Student work (41)

Student work (1)

Student work (2)

Student work (23)

The First Light team is happy to get feedback of participants who enthusiastically participated in the review and shared how the workshop helped them in technical aspect. They mention that they have a broader understanding of how photography works and mostly are now able to take compelling photographs of their own. First Light is extremely happy to receive participants who have a pure interest in photography as well as dedication and creativity.

Student work (10)

Student work (12)

Student work (25)

Student work (14)

First Light is happy to share some comments from the students. Also it’s a great pleasure to present some of the students’ works from ‘Hands-on Basic Photography Workshop’ – with GMB Akash and his team’!

‘I have learned composition and the use of high-low depth of field from this basic course. I also improved my communication skills with street people; how to interact and convince them. Another important thing I learned is that without being a good human, a photograph is valueless if the photographer is not a good man.’ – Farhan Mohammad Riad

Student work (33)

Student work (13)

Student work (16)

Student work (24)

‘I have learned how to communicate with street people. I learned composition, light usages and other basic camera skills, beyond that I have got some priceless experiences. Lastly huge respect and and much love to my teachers’ – Al Masuz Zihad

Student work (26)

Student work (27)

Student work (28)‘The workshop was beyond the expectation’ – Soumik Itmam 

Student work (17)

Student work (6)

Student work (15)

‘I had a wonderful time at the workshop learning about delicate tools and technicalities like Depth of Field, Priorities of Aperture and Shutter Speed which enabled me to capture the eloquent composition of subject matters through light and motion. I loved the visibility and pictorial display of others’ works and photos at the end of each field trip, especially the criticisms that were laid out after each photo that were motivational and worth learning for. I will abide by the basics that I have learned and will try to bring them into my future photographs. I am also feeling lucky that I have found some wonderful mentors and friends whom I would like to meet frequently (apart from Facebook) for some delightful moments in future. Thank you!’ – Moinuddin Ahmed 

Student work (7)

Student work (8)

It was a real basic workshop. It’s a perfect base for an amateur photographer. Most important part was that it was not theoretical based. It was a training to take photos in a practical way. one suggestion I will give : one the first day every individual student’s skill that are lacking be asked & during classes teachers will work on every single student on their individual lacking. And on the last day every student will say confidently, that their that problem is no more’ – Robin

‘It’s a perfect course for any photographer to improve his/her point of view’ – Nafi Sykes Sami

Student work (19)

Student work (20)

‘It was a great basic workshop, I learned a lot of things. I love First Light’ – Jajabar Ovi

Student work (38)

Student work (40)

‘First light is the best friendly teaching place I have ever gone. Our mentor is the best part all over the workshop. The most important thing is we all get the opportunity to learn something hand on hand and receive care by our individual instructors. All instructors are really helpful and energetic. We made some lovely friends. This workshop is more than we expected. I am really happy and proud to be a part of this workshop and First Light’ – Mou Aysha

Student work (22)

Student work (34)

Student work (35)

Student work (37)

‘The workshop was very fruitful from its teaching pattern. Not much theoretical knowledge, hand to hand teaching method, friendly & expert teachers, lots of examples has made the workshop 100% perfect. Is was the perfect workshop for beginner photographers’  In one word, the workshop was great and I am very happy to complete the workshop successfully. – Aronno Shaurav

Student work (3)

Student work (4)

Student work (5)

‘It was a great workshop for me….I learned how to communicate people’ – Tajkia Jahan Trisha

Student work (31)

Student work (32)

Student work (11)

‘I have just completed a basic photography workshop which is arranged by GMB Akash & his team. If you are new in photography and want to learn the photography you have to know the basic things of photography. I learned a lot of things from this workshop. You can develop your photography skill by attending this workshop. GMB Akash and his team behave in a friendly way as like a family. For this type of workshop, I think, these types of behavior are must. They tried their best to teach everything in the workshop and they did this again and again. They didn’t bore tus o do that. And I think they are successful because I learn those things which they taught me in the workshop. You won’t leave if you once work with Akash and his team. So, if you want to learn the basic things of photography you should attend this workshop’ – Habibur Rahman 

Student work (21)

Student work (29)

Student work (30)

Student work (36)


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  1. Reyad Abedin permalink

    Good work….

  2. Reyad Abedin permalink

    First one…………. really good.. love this pic.. great work Dishari vhi

  3. These are great pictures, full of light, colour and life. I would like to see more of it.

  4. Md Tanvir Hossain permalink

    its amazing!!!! oshirr….

  5. Kamrul Hasan permalink

    Dear Bhaiya,

    Assalamu Alaikum. I am Kamrul Hasan from Chittagong. I have some query on ‘Hands on Basic Photography Workshop’ with G M B Akash. When will your next course start, and how is your course fee? Is there any primary requirement to get admission? If so, then what is the requirement and how may I get the news in time?

    Actually I am very much interested to learn from G M B Akash bhai directly, and I don’t like to miss the next workshop. And I will be very happy to get info of other courses too, specially “Intensive Street Photography Workshop with G M B Akash”.

    Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours Sincerely,


    • Thank you so much for your interest. Please subscribe to this website. You will get email notification during announcement of upcoming workshop.

  6. I wonder how people get the idea of a great frame and i keep looking for one !! All the pictures are great!!

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