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Student work (III)

May 17, 2015

When you are a photographer you should never go anywhere without your camera. You never know what situation is waiting for you, so slow down!’

Gmb Akash

Paul Lavergne  (6)

I am glad to introduce my student’s work who has done a 4-week online photography course ‘Street Photography ’ at The Compelling Image.

‘My student Paul Lavergne is a graduate of a New York Film Academy. After completing the course he has impressed me with his ability to understand composition and using proper light. As a result, he has presented some incredible images. At present his ability to go deeper into any situation, the way he gets closer to people, his skill to capture light and colour in his pictures and his detail work are utterly remarkable’ – GMB Akash

Paul Lavergne  (1)

Paul Lavergne  (2)

Student’s comments after finishing the online course:


“I just finished Akash’s course on street photography and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in this type of photography. His course was very well organized, the learning and preview material for each of the four assignments was very good and very insightful and best of all was his feedback. I feel that he really put a lot of effort in analyzing every picture I submitted. I am a graduate of a New York Film Academy photography workshop and can honestly tell you that Akash’s feedback was excellent.” – Paul Lavergne

Paul Lavergne  (3)

Paul Lavergne  (4)


I believe my students will be happy to see my student’s work and I want you all to continue to take your very best images. My very best wishes to my student Paul Lavergne .

In addition to in-the-field First Light workshops and One on One workshop courses, I teach street photography for The Compelling Image: The Compelling Image: Online-Interactive Courses in Photography and Multimedia Storytelling (The Compelling Image is a partner organization of First Light Institute of Photography)

Paul Lavergne  (5)

Paul Lavergne  (7)

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