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‘Express Your Vision’ – Street Photography Workshop With David Bathgate and GMB Akash

August 11, 2015

Express Your Vision’ – Street Photography Workshop

                                 With David Bathgate and GMB Akash

Dates:  22nd January (Friday), 23rd  January (Saturday)      

        29th January  (Friday),  30th January (Saturday)

Place: First Light Institute of Photography, Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Duration: 4 days

Fees: 8500 BDT

Teaching language: Bengali & English

Workshop hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

Bangladesh Workshop_01

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How we interpret what we see is unique to each of us.  The environment, family, life experiences – good and bad, all play a part in forming our “vision” of the world.  Anger, happiness, joy, frustration, sadness – all of our emotions are tied – consciously or unconsciously – to this personal vision.  And it is due in part to this association that no two photographers capturing the same scene at the same time will produce exactly the same picture.  Each of us “sees” somewhat differently.  Each will bring his or her own unique “interpretation” of the situation to the photograph that’s made.

After loosing her son Amena Begum's life has no point to run for. She, her baggage and her companion street cat is now her world. As a homeless by living in the dirty street already Ameena lost everything but not her companion. The street cat and street lady Amena living together sharing the same concrete mattress daily. While Amena is sleeping by placing her baggage down to her head, the cat feels it safe to sleep in shoulder of sleepy Ameena. Dhaka, Bangladesh

The aim of this workshop is to sharpen that “personal vision.”  To not just “document” what stands before the camera, but to “interpret” and creatively communicate to the viewer – through skillful choices of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, light, perspective and “moment” –  just how we “see” and “feel” about what is photographed.

Designed for beginners and advanced photographers alike, this workshop will consist of classroom instruction and discussion, as well as practical one-on-one help when and where it is needed during our week in the field.

Bangladesh Workshop_09

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Greater ability to work quickly and decisively with your camera.
  • Increased confidence in your skills as a photographer.
  • Effectiveness in establishing rapport with subjects.
  • Knowledge of and hands-on experience with editing and sequencing your work to create a powerful visual narrative of your subject.
  • Certificate after the completion of the workshop

A family who live in Ulingan, a small slum community in Tondo, Manila which sits on a dumpsite surrounded by charcoal factories emiting toxic fumes. There is no electricity and hardly any access to sanitation. Families have no choice but to live with soot, garbage, mosquitos, and flies all day and night. indonesia

What you will need:

  • Digital camera and just one or two lenses (for example – 24mm, 28mm 35mm, 50mm or zoom covering a part of this range).  Emphasis will be placed on going light and simple and moving yourself to get the photo.
  • Computer and photo-processing software

Bangladesh Workshop_03


Only 20 hard working students will be admitted for each session. Students will be granted admission to the workshop based on email confirmation. Therefore interested participants are requested to email or call 01989052484

– The BDT 8500 fee does not include transport, accommodation, food nor on-the-ground expenses.

– In order to confirm your application, 80% advance payment is a must.

– If accepted, the participant will receive a course contract confirming the success of his application by email.

– To confirm registration, the participant must return this contract to us, signed, within three days, along with payment of 80% of the fee of the workshop.

– The rest of the fee must be paid by the first day of the workshop at the latest. The participant will then will receive a complete receipt and ID card.

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– Registration is open from 12th August until 5th October, 2015.

– If you have any query at all please write to or call at 01989052484

Bangladesh Workshop_06Meet your instructors:

To read reviews from students from the last street photography workshop by David Bathgate and GMB Akash visit:

street akash (11)

David Bathgate:

Video introduction:

David Bathgate studied anthropology and journalism at Pennsylvania State University in the U.S., earning a doctorate and master’s degree, respectively, in those two disciplines. Subsequently, university teaching and visual journalism followed as parallel career pursuits. First photographing and writing for local magazines and newspapers, David eventually took his co-careers to Australia and worked on photographic projects in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In 1993 he closed the door on academia to become a full-time visual storyteller, covering social and environmental topics, worldwide.

David Bathgate is represented by Corbis Images and works regularly in Asia and the Middle East as well as in Europe for publications such as Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Geo, Stern, Spiegel, Focus and The London Sunday Times Magazine. David Bathgate is the Founder and President of the online-interactive photography and multimedia school, The Compelling Image David also serves on the editorial committee of the online photo documentary magazine Photojournale. He is the featured photographer at the Fuji X- Photographer’s gallery.

To read an interview with David Bathgate and to get some of his photography advice visit:

Bangladesh Workshop_04

GMB Akash:

Meet your instruction here:


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