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‘Wish Day’

December 6, 2015

A Beautiful DAY to cherish!

40 Street Children and their day of ‘Wish Day’ has preciously been celebrated! Thanks to students of First Light and First Light Photography club members for their time and financial support to continue to lift the mood of Joy!

Eid Gift (1)

First Light has been continually supporting street children since the inception of the school. So far 100 children are receiving continual educational support from the school and occasionally we reach up to a thousand children and still we continue to spread light and love.

The day First Light Photography Club members fulfilled the ‘Wishes’ of these forty children was a rainy day. It poured from early morning and most of the roads on which we traveled were under water. But in spite of the troubling atmosphere members of First Light Club continued their mission. After taking all the children from different locations we went shopping. Many of the street children were telling each other when was the last time they bought anything new. For many of them it was years. We let them choose whatever they wanted to buy. Then we moved on to give them a makeover. Boys went to receive new hair cuts and girls were getting ready separately. Many of them hadn’t taken shower or cut their hair for months. Happiness was pouring onto their faces. And then finally they came in front of us and we could not hold our tears. Angels are back!

After having lunch together when we were departing we asked the children to express how their day was. Their expressions of happiness touched us immensely. Their respect has filled our hearts with utmost peacefulness.

Eid Gift (4)

Though they are just 40 street children amongst thousands. But still we can not afford to lose hope, for we are all part of making some small and large changes, each day, each moment. We all can make a deposit into someone’s life. The best part of this form of giving is that it is LIMITLESS. By which we can make an incredible difference in their world.



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