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‘First Light Annual Event’

December 11, 2015

‘First Light Annual Event’ was organized by First Light Photography Club.


The preparation starts three months before the event. Our intent was not to collect donations from the club members to organize this event but to get them involved with each member in the process of a humanitarian effort. For getting the funds for the event members of First Light Photography club arranged a ‘FPC Fundraising Event’ within the club members. Members donated their used products (such as photography books, camera bags etc) for the bidding. Then the highest bidder got the product and the money earned went to the club fund as a token of contribution. After three days of Fundraising Event First Light Club started to make all the arrangements for the event. All these effort brought our students closer to each other and helped to evoke the light of sharing and helping.





While all the senior members of First Light was busy to organize the logistic and technical aspects of the event, our Junior students of First Light went through seven days of rehearsals to make the event  successful and unforgettable. They presented a set of performances that were brilliant and amused all greatly. Among the participants none of them had ever participated in any performance in the past which made this event more radiant with their great effort. The joy and happiness they expressed in the event in indescribable.  





First Light has been continually supporting unprivileged children since the inception of the school. So far 100 children are receiving continual educational support from the school and occasionally we reach up to a thousand children and still we continue to spread light and love. So the junior students of First Light have equally participated in the event to make the event outstanding.






The day was magical, full with First Light Senior and Junior students’ activities. We organized an outdoor exhibition in the village ‘Kahena’ and exhibited student’s works. Both Senior and Junior Students of First Light spent together an unforgettable day.




Lastly we would like to thank every member of First Light Club for continually helping unprivileged children of ‘First Light’!


  1. Sir my best wishes for you…….

  2. I salute you.

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