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‘Discovering Secrets of Street’ with GMB Akash in Kolkata  

December 13, 2015


Workshop in Kolkata, India

‘Discovering Secrets of Street’ – Three days Hands On Workshop

on Street photography with GMB Akash

Organized by First Light Institute of Photography, Bangladesh &

My Eyes Photography Hub, Kolkata, India

Dates:  2nd , 3rd  & 4th January 2016

Place: Kolkata, India

Kolkata workshop (10)

Kolkata workshop (28)  

Fees: 5000 INR (five thousand only) per head, which exclude any transportation, food, printing. We will provide water, tea & light evening snacks for 3 days in class room sessions

Total students:   Maximum 20 participants (Indian Students Only)

Teaching language: English, Hindi & Bengali

To apply e-mail at: ,

 Phone:   Shayan Das +91-8337077334, Surajit Ganguly +91-9836466553

Kolkata workshop (15)

About the workshop:

Get ready your best pair of shoes! When you are enrolling in this workshop be ready to give your 100% in the field with your mentor. This is your photography journey and your mentor will show you every possible way that can lead you to your dream. This comprehensive workshop entirely focuses on practical functions.

Kolkata workshop (1)

Three day Photography Workshop is designed for advanced photographers as well as beginners. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to capture “the decisive moment”, how to interact with people in street and how to conquer your fear of shooting at streets. You will be given guidance to discover your style in street photography and how to work on meaningful projects that you will continue to pursue after the workshop. This workshop will help you to build up a solid understanding of composition and visual literacy in street photography.

Kolkata workshop (2).jpg

Learning to capture street portraits and making street stories will be the two main concentrations in this workshop with hands-on experience. These three days workshop will help you to find the core concept of photography. Besides discovering your own inspiring trigger, you will be guided towards achieving mastery in street photography. To find your style and to discover the secret of street photography enroll decisively in this workshop.

Kolkata workshop (3)

After the workshop, participants will have a boarder understanding of how to work to create amazing photography projects of their own. To complete this course all participants must have genuine interest and passion for photography at first, the camera is next.

Kolkata workshop (5)

Before enrolling one can check our participant’s feedback and the participant’s final submissions of their work:

Kolkata workshop (6)

Workshop course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Getting to know your Camera
  • Lenses
  • Your Camera’s Automatic, Assisted Settings and Manual Settings
  • Understanding Exposure (Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO)
  • Composition and Content
  • Depth of field
  • Moments and Motion
  • People and Portraits
  • The Simple Math of Photography
  • Angle of Light
  • Photography as a Way of Life
  • The fundamentals of street photography
  • How to overcome fear of shooting at streets
  • How to get involved with strangers and situations when shooting on the streets
  • The way to anticipate and capture “The Decisive Moment”
  • Focus on ways to develop a unique third eye when shooting on the streets
  • Guidance to discover your individual style in street photography
  • To help you gain hands-on experience, the workshop is designed to be less lecture-based and more focused on your shooting on the streets
  • Discuss and guidance on your individual portfolio
  • The workshop will also be tailored to your individual needs
  • Understanding File Format (Raw, Tiff, Jpg image files)
  • Editing Images : Post Processing
  • Growing as a photographer and much more
  • Submission of Photo Story/ Photo Essay
  • Critique and feedback of the final submission

                     Kolkata workshop (7)

Kolkata workshop (8) 

Kolkata workshop (9)

What you will achieve from this workshop:

  • Greater ability to work quickly and decisively with your camera
  • Increased confidence in your skills as a photographer
  • Effectiveness in establishing rapport with subjects
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with editing and sequencing your work to create a powerful visual narrative of your subject
  • To create powerful photographs
  • To build a photo story / photo essay
  • Certificate of completion after the workshop

Kolkata workshop (11)

Kolkata workshop (12)

Kolkata workshop (13)

Kolkata workshop (14)

What you will need:

A Digital camera with just one or two lenses (for example – 24mm, 28mm 35mm, 50mm or zoom covering a part of this range).

Emphasis will be placed on going light, and simple and moving yourself to get the photo.

A Computer with photo-processing software

Kolkata workshop (16)

Kolkata workshop (17)

Kolkata workshop (18)

Kolkata workshop (19)


Only a maximum 20 hardworking Indian photographers will be selected for this workshop. Participants will be granted admission to the workshop based on email confirmation. Therefore interested participants are requested to send emails to & . Feel free to call for any further assistance Shayan Das +91-8337077334, SurajitGanguly +91-9836466553

Kolkata workshop (20)

Kolkata workshop (27)

Kolkata workshop (22)

In order to reserve your seat, 80% advance payment is a must. The rest of the fees must be paid by the participant on or before 2nd January, 2015. The participant will receive a money receipt against the payment.

Kolkata workshop (21)

Kolkata workshop (25)


Registration is open from 1st December, 2015 till 31st December, 2015.

Kolkata workshop (24)

Kolkata workshop (26)

Kolkata workshop (23)



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