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‘First Light Now At Dhaka’

April 3, 2016

The Children woke up at 4 am; their parents said they did not sleep at all. Everyone was excited because their school is now in Dhaka and they were going to participate in the opening of their school. The bus brought them to the school in the early morning. They were wearing their best clothes and looked like angels. After all, it was a daylong celebration with siteseeing, watching movies, playing games and eating out!


First Light (2)

First Light (4)

First Light (8)

In March, 2016 the First Light Institute of Photography moved from Narayangonj to Dhaka. Our ‘Angels of First Light’ inaugurated our school on 1st April followed by a daylong event. The joy and happiness they expressed in the event are indescribable. Our event started by sharing ‘Amar Shawpno (My dream)’, where children wrote down their dreams and shared with everyone. They spent a memorable day by participating in different performances and watched children films. For many of them it was first time they visited Dhaka and were amazed to see the city. After cutting the cake they had lunch in the restaurant but a few of them kept reading the books they got as a gift. First Light is proud of its junior students and believes that the institute will help them to achieve their childhood dreams that they shared on the opening day.

First Light (1)

First Light (3)

First Light (5)


With the slogan ‘Keeping Your Light Alive’ First Light Institute of Photography started its journey in August, 2013. During the inception of our school, we made a wish! We aim to educate unprivileged children. Children who are living in the streets, children who are working as child labourers, children who are dropping out from schools and children who have no access to 21st-century education. Under the canopy of First Light, little angels join us and keep our world shining. So far First Light has donated its entire earning for unprivileged children of the society.

First Light (6)

First Light (9)

First Light (10)


On 2nd April Senior Students of First Light continued the opening ceremony. First Light already has hundreds of students throughout the country. After completing workshops/degree students of First Light establish a portfolio of impressive images and acquire technical proficiency, refined artistic sensibility, and a practical understanding of the business of photography. First Light is proud to have students from all sectors of different industries while many of the students are also international award winning photographers. The most inspiring part of the inauguration was on 2nd April, when seven members of First Light were awarded for their dedication in humanitarian work as volunteers for the institute. Their contribution in the social work of the school and their involvement in educating children goes beyond any existing words of gratitude.

First Light (14)

First Light (13)

First Light (12)

First Light (15)

First Light is aspiring to have your blessings so that we can continue our journey on the path of humanity.

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