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‘Pink Bag’

July 15, 2016

Pink bag4

“It’s been a year; I have been gifting ‘Pink Bag’ among unprivileged teenage girls. In June, a few of my friends from my Facebook community ( contributed for ‘Pink Bag’ and together we reached up to 200 girls.

A pink Bag is not just a gift bag, it bears happiness for a sister, it open up menstrual conversation. Every pink bag consists of sanitary Pads, inner garments, ladies Razor, small girly gifts and a letter from me. Sexual education and menstrual hygiene is important to save our girls from all evils.

When I entered inside a little sister’s house, her father appeared and with a smile said, ‘I already bought everything for my daughter. She may not need pink bag from this month.’

This is what I want to happen in every house. Many thanks to those special friends who are equally helped me, breaking the taboo this month. Love and Light!”

– A mission carrying by GMB Akash and First Light Admin-Students Volunteer team

We Salute Men like Jalal Uddin, read his story to get inspiration to care for our girls:

‘My wife died when my elder daughter was six. When three of my daughters needed their mother most, I was there to help them. I had no one to help me to raise my daughters, there was no one whom my daughters can share their little secret. I taught them to tell everything what they could speak to their mother. I taught them how to do prayers, how to cook, how to read/write at early age. Still a father is a father. I remember the day when my elder daughter stopped talking to me. She did not come out from bed for a day, I watched her in pain and she did not say a word to me. When I sat beside her then first time I saw, the bed sheet was covered in blood. My daughter slowly said, ‘Will I die abba’? I said, ”Never, before me’. I brought all materials to manage my daughter’s menstruation, went to health apa and shared all information that my daughters should follow during their periods. My neighbours gave me shame as I talked about this with my daughters. But taking care of their every need is my duty. When you came with gift bags of sanitary pads, undergarments etc for young girls of our area, all fathers became angry, but then parents realize how important it is and its related education for our daughters. There should be no secret between parents and children, because how many friends they may have, at the end we are their best friends’ – Jalal Uddin

jalal uddin (1)

When GMB Akash went to deliver 100 goodie bags consisting of hygiene products for young girls with my volunteer friends, everyone was unwelcoming, angry and upset. This man who attended up to class three astonished everyone with his wisdom and supported to distribute everything among parents for their daughters. His courage helped the team to go to reach more 200 girls and thus we continue the journey in other locations besides arranging hygiene and sex education. Let’s engage in action and advocacy to break taboos and negative attitudes around menstruation. Let’s care for our sisters/daughters. ‪#‎menstruationmatters ‪#‎MHday28May

 (At least one in five girls drops out when periods begin. Those who persist typically miss five days of school each month due to inadequate menstrual protection. Lack of modern sanitary products often leads to lower school attendance rates, failure and/or dropping out. When girls miss school they lose educational pace with boys, making them more vulnerable inside and outside of the classroom. In Bangladesh, inadequate sanitation for women and girls is estimated to cost USD $ 21,750,000 due to absence from school and work. Educating girls and women about feminine hygiene and biology helps to bust myths and cultural superstitions.  Access to correct information about hygiene and adequate sanitary materials enables women to feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies)

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  1. Pat Baxter permalink

    Akash , have you heard of this organization? They donate washable products for menstruation. It would be great if some lady in your area could connect with them to get these products for the women.

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