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‘Today is our Holiday’

July 15, 2016


‘We came to work at 7 am. Because of working continually, we do not usually notice when it becomes dark outside. We work in darkness, under the yellow bulb light, sunlight does not enter in our factory. Sometimes when electricity goes out, we can go outside, but now we do not like to play anymore. We feel tired. Telling you the truth, we become very hungry at 3 pm, but rice is expensive. Our income is 1000 taka per month, how can we spend for rice? We enjoy this free bread in lunch time, when you are hungry everything is delicious. We do not feel full after having it though. But after return to home at late evening, mother will give yummy hot rice with mash potato! It’s good for poor people to eat once a day. Please take a bread sir, it is not that bad’ – Ador, Shohag


‘I did not get anything to eat yesterday. I slept hungry. But now I am feeling lucky to get this rotten bread. My shoes, cloth or food everything comes from this dump yard. Aren’t you asking me about the odor? I was born in this place, someone left me here after my birth, smell of this place make me feel like a home. This is my home and these dogs, birds are my family.’ – Abu (10)

There are children who never had any toy, who are spending their childhood by playing with machines. There are children who consider themselves fortunate if they can get half rotten bread in garbage to eat. There are children whose family is not able to feed them well, in months; they forgot when they ate something good last time…….

“Every year, I celebrate my Birthday with children. They keep waiting for my arrival; they keep waiting for that one day ‘Holiday’. That day Kalu, Robiyul, Sukhi, Abu and hundreds of children do not have to work, they eat well all day, get toys and play with it, receive new clothes and new gifts, they laugh, they sing, they watch magic, and have their favorite ice cream…And together we named the day ‘Today is our Holiday’/ ‘আজ আমাদের ছুটি’

Please, have a look how we always celebrate:  ‘Today is our Holiday’/ ‘আজ আমাদের ছুটি’

My heartfelt thanks to some of my kind-heart friends from my ‘Facebook page’, for standing beside me, with their love and contributed for children’s happiness. I am also thanking those who voluntarily help to make this event a memorable one for me and for more than 500 children, also want to thank factory owners, families, teachers for allowing their children to spend a beautiful day with me. Love and Light! ”

–  GMB Akash



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