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Participant (VII) Review of the One on One workshop with GMB Akash

January 18, 2017

Introducing Mahesh Krishnamurthy, participant of ‘One on One workshop with GMB Akash’.



‘Mahesh is based in the Indonesia. After completing the One on One exclusive photography program with me he stunned me with his outstanding portfolio. He was very open to take challenges during this six-days shooting period. His enthusiasm and passion for photography hardly tired him to try something new or experiment with his pictures.   His ability to get closer to people enabled him to get some excellent results. He captured light and colour brilliantly into artistic compositions and produced some detail work that is incredible. Mahesh Krishnamurthy has clearly progressed and I wish him much success in life and career’ – GMB Akash


One on one Workshop review by Mahesh Krishnamurthy:

Video Interview of Mahesh Krishnamurthy:

About GMB Akash and the One on One exclusive program:

GMB Akash is probably the only workshop leader I know who went through all my pictures – I mean all 7,000 pictures taken during the time spent shooting on the streets on Bangladesh.  I joined the One-on-One Workshop with GMB Akash to improve my portraiture skills and also learn more about street photography. During the six days, I learned the importance of having a proper background, identify good light, the role of color – what color to avoid in a photo. I never thought my work could improve within six days, but strangely enough, it has improved dramatically. The workshop met my expectations. Although I am primarily into black and white photography, GMB Akash has impressed upon me the importance of color.   I see improvement in my portraiture skills, and over the next few months, I will be honing my skills.











About Dhaka:

Dhaka has some very varied and good locations for portraiture and street photography. It is important for newcomers like me to shoot in places where people are photography friendly, and Bangladesh is such a country. There is some magic in the light in Bangladesh in winter – the cloud cover enabled shooting most of the day. Bangladeshi faces, in my opinion, make great character studies in portraiture.











6 Day One-on-One Workshop with GMB Akash:

The focus of this customized program is to not only teach photography but to give students a chance to fully experience a career that is often misunderstood. While media and films have glamorized the lives of photographers, the reality is that this is one of the world’s most demanding and difficult jobs, both physically and mentally. We have designed GMB Akash’s workshops to give young photographers an opportunity to experience the true nature of international photojournalism, street photography and documentary photography. No other workshop or seminar gives students the ability to work one on one with a professional photojournalist in a real world environment. Each student will have exclusive access to GMB Akash through the duration of the workshop, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of his work experience, teachings, and methodologies. Due to the intimate nature of these workshops and the real world working environment, each student can expect to learn and experience much more than they would during one year in a standard university photography program. Each workshop is six days long and set in locations that are rich in culture with a wealth of photographic and documentary subject matter.

This program covers a vast array of subjects including photographing in adverse conditions, gaining your subjects trust and adapting photographic ethics. Night and low light photography. Working without a flash or tripod. The digital darkroom, editing and workflow in Lightroom. Tips and tricks for “saving” a photograph or putting the finishing touches on a “perfect” photograph. How to work with your camera and use its many functions. Camera and lens field care. Captioning images and the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why.) Working with editors, deadlines, assignments, freelance projects etc. Building and presenting a story online/digital light boxes and personal websites. Copyright information and how to use it in the real world. Preparing for the future and impending changes in the industry.

To apply for ‘One on One workshop’ email to






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