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“Your light can illuminate this world and you can make it a little better place to live. Keep sharing, keep contributing and always be true to yourself!” – GMB Akash, FOUNDER OF FIRST LIGHT INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY


About First Light:

‘First Light Institute of Photography’ started its journey in August, 2013. The school has already held several workshops and free portfolio review sessions for aspiring photographers. At the school students receive a wide-range of training in the aesthetics, techniques, and business of photography through hands-on assignments. Mentors show students the way to achieve their personal vision through photography, and by giving them proper guidance mentors help students to turn their passion into a profession. Short Term Workshops are all designed for students beginning their education in photography and for those interested in improving existing skills to advance in their careers. After completing workshops/degree students of First Light establish a portfolio of impressive images and acquire technical proficiency, refined artistic sensibility, and a practical understanding of the business of photography.

Message from founder:

“Through Photography I only jot down my heart’s Language. First and at the end I am a photographer. I only treasure this tag. Then, why did I founded First Light Institute of Photography? My answer is: To share my light, to give the light to the person who needs it most. I aim to make a platform which will be accessible to mass people and photography will no more be a ‘subject’ but a ‘way’. I cannot promise the institute will give birth to world-famous-photographers but I do promise the institute will give ‘Photographers with promising hearts’. Am I offering luxuries and all-kinds of campus facilities? No, I offer not. If you want to be a farmer you must have to train in field, if you want to be a solider you have to face war and if you want to a photographer you have to tighten your soul and admit to get lots of stretch marks on your forehead and pain in your leg. Training photographers will not be the only responsibility of the institution, building future photographers will be the responsibility too. Somewhere in the forum recently I read about photography-markets are dying, why not recreate them in a new shape? A guru does not give a ready-made work to make his scholars survive but his real guidance is to create ways to get works for his scholars. Things that come by second hand aren’t a jewel of your throne, earning dream makes you the hero, even if it is a coin. What is needed to be a student of ‘First Light institute of Photography’? A photographer who is honest, hard worker, dreamer, giver and self-believer can join us”


  1. Progga permalink

    Hello. I want to participate in the next Basic Photography Workshop with First Light. If there’s any chance plz let me know thru my e-mail

  2. i want to study photography with first light

  3. kazi permalink

    hi this is kazi.
    could u pls let me know when will be your next workshop in May 2017?
    i am intersted to take a chance and do Basic course with you

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